Friday, 6/18/2021 - SAU29 COVID-19 Update

Good Afternoon,

As you may be aware, NHDHHS released new guidance with regard to masking in schools and childcare facilities (linked here). There were specific recommendations for both indoor and outdoor settings. From the beginning of the school year, we have followed our state health officials guidance as it relates to our schools.  This guidance has not always been identical to that of the CDC in all instances. One of the key recommendations from CDC is that entities (including schools) follow their state guidance, which is what we have done. 

Therefore, effective immediately masks are no longer required for outdoor settings at our school facilities. This includes recess, outdoor lunch, outdoor classes and any events.  Individuals may continue to choose to wear a mask while outdoors at our school facilities if they prefer to do so.

Further, while indoors, masks will continue to be required.  

The only exception will be on days when the outdoor temperature reaches 80 degrees or higher. On those days, masks will still be required while moving around the classroom and/or building but may be removed only while seated in the class. Think of it similarly to that of going to a restaurant in which a mask must be worn until seated at your table. Again, individuals may continue to wear a mask while indoors on hot weather days if they prefer to do so.

I appreciate the numerous calls and messages regarding this information as well as the concerns on both sides of the conversation that were brought forward. I also recognize that we have less than a week of school remaining and this may feel confusing and overwhelming for some. I completely understand and respect everyone’s position on this matter and will again state that we have consistently followed the guidance from our state’s health officials throughout this school year and this updated guidance is no different.

As always, Be Well!