Minimum Standard Rules Part 2 Notification

Keene, April 8, 2024

Last week I shared my written testimony with you regarding the proposed revisions of the ED 306 Minimum Standards.  I also included a side by side by side by side comparison of the changes that were made along the way.

This week on Thursday, April 11th the State Board of Education will have the second part of their public hearing.  This part will focus on the ED 306.31 - .36 portion of the rules.  I have not had the ability to prepare the side by side version I shared last week with this portion of the rules.  Instead, I linked the redlined version that was submitted to the State Board in February (above) as well as the redline version of the ED 306.01 - .25 portion here for your review.

It is important to note that many educators around the state (inclusive from our schools) have dug into this portion of the rules throughout the month of March in two day work sessions. While they will have specific recommendations as it relates to content, it is crucial that we are all aware of the proposed changes.  

I fully understand the reality that many/most of us are unable to make it to Concord to provide oral testimony.  The notice of these hearings does indicate that the “Deadline for submission of materials in writing or, if practicable for the agency, in the electronic format specified:  Tuesday, April 30, 2024” via E-mail.  

You can submit any written testimony you would like to:

  1. Julie Shea - [email protected] 

  2. Angela Adams -  [email protected] 

You may also want to Cc the following members of the State Board as well:

  1. Kate Cassaday - [email protected] 

  2. Ann Lane - [email protected].gov 

  3. Phillip Nazzaro - 

  4. Drew Cline (Chair) - [email protected] 

  5. Ryan Terrell - [email protected] 

  6. James Fricchione - 

It is truly important that you make your support or your opposition to the proposed changes known now.  We want to get this right as our students, staff, families and communities depend on them getting it right.