Strategic Plan Public Viewing

Keene, 4/22/2024 - Here are the webinar link and slides to the webinar we held last Thursday on the draft strategies and actions in the strategic plan. Thank you to those that were able to join us live and thank you to all of the members of the Steering Committee for your efforts over the last nine months! This is a guiding document that, once finalized, will be used by all schools.

Please keep in mind that this draft is a result of the feedback that was collected from the surveys and public forums held at the beginning of the year.  That feedback is what our communities (Chesterfield, Harrisville, Keene, Marlborough, Marlow, Nelson and Westmoreland) told us they were looking for from our schools for our students.  In turn, that led to the Portrait of a Graduate, and mission statement that our communities again weighed in on, also included in the draft document.

Your feedback matters.  We will use all of the feedback to fine tune this document so please send us your thoughts.  Initially, we were going to keep this feedback channel open until April 23rd, but with some technical difficulties getting the video out, we’re going to extend that until Friday, April 26th.